Office Hours with Alan Flusser Custom


Have us show your colleagues how to smarten up by dressing down.

Workplace dress codes are changing. Even Goldman Sachs has relaxed their policy. The idea is to make employees feel more comfortable, but without specific guidelines, they can be left confused about how to dress. We’re here to help. 

The timeless principles of fit, fabric, and proportion that Alan has been preaching for decades remain fundamental, if not even more important, to today’s relaxed business attire. We’re now able to bring that expertise directly to your Manhattan office for a free one-hour presentation, customized to your needs. Using sample garments and accessories from the Custom Shop, we’ll illustrate those key principles by giving real-time examples of easy but impactful steps they’ll be able to use every morning when getting dressed.

We understand that today’s business casual wardrobe can be much more than chinos and polo shirts. In order to make a sophisticated impression these days, it has to be. That’s why we specialize in luxurious and versatile custom and made-to-measure garments that combine classic tailoring with a comfort-driven modern vision. These range from sleek suits for client meetings to more casual jackets and separate trousers, with a full range of shirts and accessories to help dress up or dress down a look as necessary. 

Please contact us at for more information. Your team will leave feeling more knowledgeable and confident in how they look.