Introducing Flusser Femme


It’s with much anticipation that we announce the official debut of our bespoke women’s wear. I say official because over the past three decades, we have turned out the random Kate Hepburn-inspired Donegal tweed suit, velvet hacking jacket, or silk tailcoat. However this fall, an unusual confluence of events conspired to make me think that the timing for such an enterprise may be at hand.

To begin with my model-figured daughter asked me to collaborate in creating something uniquely her own. After seeing our master tailor’s initial toile for her, I was reminded that he had cut his teeth back in the old country on woman’s couture. Then, after investigating as to who might be our competition, to my profound amazement, I discovered the local environs virtually devoid of any contenders. Should a Gotham elegante desire a genuine hand-made bespoke-t­ailored blazer, suit, or dinner jacket, she’d be left to navigate the ready-to-wear waters of the local retailer.

So why is it that almost without exception, the dressing style of every post-war female fashion icon included a variety of man-tailored mantles. From Chanel to the Hepburn girls, St. Lauren to Jackie Kennedy, fashion’s most stylish minds all seemed to agree that not only could a woman look sexy in the right cut of men’s clothes, she could look downright chic.

The short answer is to be found in the architecture of the tailored jacket – a garment which has no peer in glorified abstraction, or in this case, improving upon what nature may have withheld. The geometry of its shoulders and lapels produces a height-enhancing effect; its high-armhole elongates the waist and torso, while the sculpting of the chest, waist and hip promotes a symmetry of line and balance.

And for those ladies unaccustomed to the possibilities inherent in the true bespoke process, Europe’s finest fabrics lie no further than your fingernails – from Italy’s cashmeres, cottons, and velvets to England’s tweeds, tartans and worsteds. Imagine slipping into a trouser or skirt cut especially for your figure.

Then for added flavor, there are the linings, the buttons, the detailing, et al. Or, we can do it all for you.

Before you are a few examples of what we propose. Each represents a trajectory to timeless, high-class personal fashion. Their hand-tailored shell molds to your body, becoming not only more feminine with time, but ultimately your go-to friend, the first one you pull out of the closet in the morning and the last one you take off at night.

Please come and bespeak to us.