Swatches: Navy Muted Plaid

By Alan Flusser

Believe it or not, we still sell dressy silk neckties, craft French-cuff dress shirts, and hand-tailor the occasional navy two-piece. While this would not be the time to pontificate on the relative verities of the perfect navy suit, please take it from this septuagenarian that there will always be that occasion where you’re relieved a distinctive one inhabits your closet.

Every season we comb through cloth books from the world’s finest mills looking for something interesting to offer our clients. More often than not, what excites us most is not the novel or the spectacular, but rather a tasteful new shade of subtle — something that makes a statement without shouting.  This season’s featured swatch is just such a cloth.

As a longtime fabric designer, I’m always intrigued by what the latest textile imaginations have to offer.  Occasionally I’m pleasantly surprised, as with this elegant cloth which manages to do double duty as a patterned and a solid navy suiting. A smooth, lightweight worsted wool, its muted plaid combines the two most familiar colors — black and navy — into something fresh and unique while masquerading as a solid. Coming on fifty years of scrutinizing worsted designs, I have never come across anything quite like it.  

For men who find pinstriped suits too aggressive and windowpane suits too dandified, this cloth’s deep plaid is an opportunity to sport a pattern without getting upstaged by it. One major attraction is that the pattern’s subtlety allows the same ease of shirt and tie accessorizing as a solid. While the patterned worsted is best made up into a suit, in a nod to accrued versatility and thus value, when finished with dark horn buttons (shown below), you can easily separate the jacket and wear it as a dressy sportcoat with dark grey trousers. 

For those of you smitten enough to covet ownership, we have your back, literally. Feeling a bit bullish, we proactively bought a large stock of it to protect the cloth from escaping our sheers before its time.

We would love to show it to you and discuss how the perfect navy suit might fit in your wardrobe.  Email us to get the conversation going.