Swatches: Stretch Mini-Check Seersucker

It’s hot in New York City this week. “Feels like 99 degrees” hot according to the Weather Channel. Weeks like this pose a unique challenge when you want be reasonably well-dressed for work or dinner out, but a typical Summer sport jacket is too dense and constricting to throw on over even the lightest linen shirt. It’s for times like this that we love garments made up in this Italian mini-checked stretch seersucker. 

Pebbled rather than ridged like traditional seersucker, this bouncy blend of wool, silk, and linen with a touch of lycra has true four-way stretch built into its puckery weave. This makes it a bit harder to tailor, but a lot easier to wear — moving with you, feeling almost like a breezy knit. Incredibly lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant, it’s something of a sequel to our best-selling wool and silk seersucker from Loro Piana. As a high-quality tailor-grade cloth, it also retains its shape over time instead of bagging out like cheaper stretch materials of the past.

The melanged micro-check pattern is available in half a dozen subdued colorways including burgundy, teal, and olive, but we’re especially partial to one of the three shades of blue which evokes the tone and texture of denim (without the weight). Like denim, it’s quite versatile, pairing well with anything from grey tropical wool trousers to white linen to cotton chinos. Take it even easier by opting for it unconstructed in our slack jacket cut like the photo above. Any way you wear it, you’ll look as comfortable as you’ll feel.

This cloth is available both in custom and made-to-measure; drop us a line at to inquire.