A Fine French Vintage: Old-Stock Pocket Squares

Header Pocket Squares

Every now and again we come across something from the past which embodies a truly lost art.

Decades ago, Alan Flusser was among the first New York retailers to offer pocket squares made by the venerable Parisian firm Simonnot-Godard, which has been in business since the 18th century. The squares are woven from very fine cotton and linen, with expertly hand-rolled edges (meaning the edges are tightly rolled and finished with stitches by hand). This produces a clean and delicate dimensionality that even the best machine-stitched edges lack.

On his most recent visit to our shop, the owner of the firm showed us something which (slightly) surpassed even his own current product: samples from a decades-old cache of pristine vintage squares he acquired from a shuttered mill. Made from a fine pure cotton fabric that’s both crisp and casual, the hand-rolled edges are crafted with a precision and fineness simply not seen anymore. This might seem like a pretty small detail to sweat, but the edges are the most prominent part of the square, which is in turn displayed in the most prominent part of the jacket. If there’s any place high-quality handwork is going to get noticed, it’s there.

As the supply is quite limited, we bought a quite a full collection of classic colorways - blue, green, red, and brown. The richly subtle gradations of the colors allow them to harmonize with a wide range of tailored clothing colors and shades. We don’t often say this about clothing accessories, but given their 40-year age, perfect condition, quality of construction, and timeless woven design, these pocket squares are true collectibles.

Stock is limited, so we don’t expect to put these up on the webstore. They are available at the shop in NYC, or you can contact us directly to order:

info@alanflusser.com | 212.888.4500