Summer 2019: From NYC to Southampton



We deliver the “real deal”... modern hand-made clothes designed and tailored in the Savile Row tradition. Moreover, we like to think that our expertise extends to helping our clients apply educated taste in navigating fashion’s style-challenged landscape.


Our essentially hand-tailored, made-to-measure clothing looks and feels much like our bespoke product. Each garment has at least two fittings, and then is finished, hand-buttonholed, and pressed in our NYC workshop. At half the price of our custom clothes, our MTM garments represent a legitimate value as well as a long-term investment.


Our ready-to-wear knit sport shirts are ideal for dressing down tailored clothing or dressing up casual looks. These shirts are designed by Alan and made exclusively for us each season in Italy. We can also help complete any outfit with our selection of neckties, scarves, and pocket squares.



Our women’s garments represent a trajectory to timeless, high-class personal fashion. The hand-tailored shell molds to your body, becoming not only more feminine with time, but ultimately your go-to friend, the first one you pull out of the closet in the morning and the last one you take off at night. Visit our women's website Flusser Femme.


We pride ourselves on looking beyond fashion to guide our clients in the fashioning of their own bespoken taste and style


a rich history

Since hanging out his custom shingle over thirty years ago, author and designer Alan Flusser has been widely acclaimed as one of the world’s preeminent authorities on classic men’s style. His bestselling books continue to illuminate generations of men seeking the promise of “permanent fashion.” 


THe Debut

1986: The Alan Flusser Custom Shop debuts. Club elegance, custom clothes, haberdashery galore. The Promise - crafting one-of-a-kind clothing with ten-plus years of fashion longevity. House Style - Savile Row-inspired drape cut with athletic torso and elongating leg line. Town & Country calls it the “Best Little Men’s Shop in the World.” Random House publishes Flusser’s second book Clothes and the Man.

Wall Street

1987: “Wall Street” opens and the world comes looking for Gordon Gekko - pin stripes, peaked lapels, pleats, braces, cuffs and… horizontal-striped dress shirts.

The Saks Years

1993 to 2001: Overlooking Rockefeller Center, Christmas tree lighting parties, the bench-made shoe collection, bucking up against the Saks bureaucracy. 1996 Harper Collins publishes Flusser’s third book, Style and The Man.

Back Home

2002 to 2010: Return to private retail at 3 East 48th, more salon than store. 2002, Harper Collins publishes the industry’s definitive treatise on men’s style: Flusser’s fourth book Dressing the Man. 2008, the new silhouette - a high-strung, trimmer touch-fit without tightness version of the Flusser house style. 

Moving Forward

2010 to Current: Alan Flusser returns as central figure. Continuing the assurance of combining the finest taste level with the highest quality tailoring. The introduction of Made-to-Measure and women's bespoke collections. Besting the Promise - teaching which suit cut and colors, collar scale and tie knot, best complement each individual's unique physique and complexion - and why.

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Flusser Femme: 
Bespeaking your own style