Our women’s garments represent a trajectory to timeless, high-class personal fashion. The hand-tailored shell molds to your body, becoming not only more feminine with time, but ultimately your go-to friend, the first one you pull out of the closet in the morning and the last one you take off at night.

Flusser Femme’s heroines are those 20th Century women whose personal sense of style is still celebrated today as iconic and above fashion. From Chanel to the Hepburn girls, St. Laurent to Jackie Kennedy, fashion’s most stylish minds all seemed to agree that not only could a woman look sexy in the right cut of men’s clothes, she could look downright chic.

The foundation is set in the architecture of the tailored jacket – a garment which has no peer in glorified abstraction, or in this case, enhancing your natural beauty. The geometry of its shoulders and lapels produces a height-enhancing effect; its high-armhole elongates the waist and torso, while the sculpting of the chest, waist, and hip promotes a symmetry of line and balance.