A pocket square may be considered a relatively minor accessory, but it is hardly insignificant. A glimpse of handkerchief at the breast pocket is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the well-dressed man. There is perhaps no easier opportunity to add some dash to an ensemble than to casually dropping in a quality pocket square. That’s what the pocket was intended for, after all; long before men were sticking sunglasses or pens into them, a pliant puff of supple silk or crisp points of hand-rolled linen peeking from the curved slash over a man’s heart indicated his style and refinement.

The Necessity of Nonchalance

Over time, many men have lost the sartorial confidence to wear a square, but there should be no shame in indulging this vestigial pleasure.  The key to stuffing a hank is to not think about it too much -- or at least to create the impression of not having thought about it too much. Be careful to avoid too closely matching your tie; the aim is to complement your attire, not coordinate it.  A hank should appear unstudied, un-primped, almost an afterthought, effortlessly contributing to an ensemble’s overall aplomb.  Like a good haircut, the best-folded squares are those that do not draw attention to themselves.