Swatches: Featherweight Wool and Silk Seersucker

We love seersucker. A puckery cloth traditionally woven of 100% cotton in white and pastel stripes, it’s an American hot-weather classic, and we’ve been making and enjoying Summer sportswear in seersucker fabrics for decades. Yet this is something different - something that wasn’t even possible a few years ago.  

If you’ve been following for a while, you know we’ve been talking about this cloth each Summer since 2016. The good folks at Loro Piana created this featherweight six-ounce seersucker cloth from 90% high-twist 150s worsted wool (for springiness and breathability) and 10% silk (for luster). If you have to wear a tailored jacket in the heat of summer, this may well be the single best fabric on the market. With a refreshingly crisp hand, it wears all day without wrinkling, and is always ready for meetings or mai tais.

Since we first made this up as an unconstructed custom jacket a few years back, it’s become the best-selling cloth in the history of the company - by far! Regulars come back each season for different colors and models. Pair the off-white version with tan horn buttons and wear it with a short-sleeve knit and linen trousers. Evoke the classic navy blazer with brass or gunmetal buttons, or opt for riviera blue with mother-of-pearl buttons that pop like whitecap on waves. Add on a pair of matching trousers and you’ve got the summer’s coolest suit.

This season we’ve laid in a stock of the classic navy colorway, making it possible to offer this unconstructed blazer to our made-to-measure clients for about half the price of custom. Take a look at the swatches and finished garments below, and let us know if you’d like to chat about how to make this seersucker your own.


Riviera blue - the star of the show and our single best-selling cloth.

Light grey - while not quite as versatile as the blues, it makes a wonderful light summer jacket when paired with white trousers.

The classic navy - suitable for the workplace, and the texture renders it casual enough for warm nights and weekend wear.